The work in Kemah

Howdy y’all!

Coming at ya with a quick email-cito. I’ve been doing good here in Kemah. I’ve been working my butt off and having a grand ol time. We’ve been doing a lot of service for members to gain their trust which is going super well. Literally not very much has happened other than going strong. I’m not too sure what to talk about. Actually yesterday I gave a talk in our Sacrament meeting, and it went really well. I talked about ministering and loving others before trying to share the gospel with them. A lot of members have said that that’s exactly what the branch needed to hear so I’m really glad I had that opportunity. Well, I know this is kind of lame but I just wanted to send out an update and let y’all know I’m still alive! Have a great week, love y’all!
– Elder Saunders

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