The Lord’s Hand

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a good two weeks. There are some weeks that just pass by without tons other than missionary work. That’s basically what it has been like recently. I’ll share a quick experience from this past week.
So the English elders gave us a referral two weeks ago for a lady named Blanca. They had knocked her door, and even though she didn’t speak much English, they managed to find out that she has interest in learning about the Gospel. So we decide to pass by to get to know her and to invite her to the English classes we teach her. At English class, we were able to introduce her to the Relief Society President. We also showed her the chapel which was a cool experience.The next day we went over there. They just moved in to their apartment so they don’t have any couches so we ate dinner sitting on the floor. We taught her the Restoration. After sharing the First Vision it was really cool because her eyes brightened up and she said “Yo creo que Jose Smith fue profeta y que el vio Dios.” which is “I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he saw God”. I was like what the heck that took me 18 years to figure that out!! So it was awesome to hear her testify of what we had just taught. She then expressed that she has been looking for the truth her entire life and she think she has finally found it! So stay tuned to see where that goes. It is so humbling to see the Lord’s hand in this work, His work. When we act, blessings will enter our lives.
Anyways I don’t have tons of time. But I love you all! I hope you all take care this week, don’t forget the Lord loves you!
– Elder Saunders

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