Semana 31: BRAZORIA!

Howdy y’all!

Sorry for not emailing last week, it was a crazy P-Day. I got transferred from my first area to the branch of Brazoria down here in the south part of our mission. It has been a complete change of pace, environment, everything. I’ve been loving it! Anyways, the week before last was pretty trash so I’m just going to write about this past week here in Brazoria.

Monday- We transferred, and I finally get a car! It was nice to be back behind the wheel again.

Tuesday- We did literally like 6 hours of service, it’s been crazy how much service we are doing down here. The city of Clute put out an order that all of the trailer homes here have to pull down their porches. So we’ve been helping a lot of people tear them down. It’s been kinda sad but also really fun. And we are starting to teach people as a direct result of this service!

Wednesday- We met this guy named Nick while out tracting. He was out on his porch smoking but he was super solid and we started teaching him.

Thursday- We had a mission tour conference with Elder Lynn G. Robbins! Gee this dude is straight baller, I was very spiritually uplifted by what he talked about. Specifically how we as missionaries need to better consider the needs of people and not pressure them too much. That’ll be something that I for sure will be working on!

Friday- We had a really cool lesson with Nick and his family, plus we had some dope steak made by Hermano Hernandez. The Hernandez family is basically my family but Hispanic, they are amazing and I love them already.

Saturday- Honestly I don’t remember what happened. But I do remember that we stopped at Sonic and I got a milkshake, so that was pretty sweet.

Sunday- We went to church. Guys the branch here is sooo small but soooo amazing. All of the active members are incredibly strong so I’m really loving it. We also were able to have a very productive evening where we got back in contact with tons of people that the missionaries were teaching here before.

Sorry I know this email wasn’t amazing, I’m still getting used to this area and P-days are a lot different than what they were in the city. Anyways, I’m finally in TEXAS, like actual Texas with hicks and cowboys and rodeos and TONNSSSS of BBQ. I’m loving it already, I know this Gospel is true, and I’m so happy to be part of it! Y’all have a great week, keep up the prayers I really feel them. Love y’all!

– Elder Saunders



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