Semana 29: Prayer is Clutch

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a great week. The work has been a bit slow, but I have learned this week that it never stops. The Lord is always preparing people for the message of this Gospel. I have also learned of the amazing power of prayer. When we pray sincerely, we truly are communicating with our Heavenly Father. I re-evaluated my efforts in praying this past week, and I realized that I can be doing a lot better at making my prayers meaningful. I invite each of you to think of one person that could use lifting up at this time, and pray for them. Doing so will help them feel God’s love and receive the guidance they need at this time.

Monday: Have I ever told y’all how much I love bikes? Especially when tires get holes every two or three days 😀 I love it so much, it’s super fun to have to be late to appointments because my tire decides to die. Then, when we finally get to the appointment, it turns out that they aren’t even there! 🙂 No for real it’s not too great. After all of that fun happened, we just went to a Member’s home and had a noche de Hogar. They are preparing to go to the temple and we’ve been helping them get in the habit of regular study, I love the Romero family.

Tuesday: We went to a Member’s home and she gave us fresh haircuts for free (she was only available to cut our hair on Tuesday so we just had to take the offer). We also ate dinner with a returning member, we are also helping get her to the temple. She’s been struggling a lot with her children and husband lately, but we hit her up with a lot of cool general conference talks to listen to. Shout out to Bishop Webber for teaching me the power that comes from listening to talks from General Conference regularly 😀

Wednesday: We had district council. Then we came home and did weekly Planning because Thursday we had…

Thursday: Lesson Skills review! We went to the Mission office and had training presented by the Assistants to help ensure that the trainees have been taught how to teach. I actually learned a lot about how to be a better teacher, and Elder Freebourn also was able to learn a lot.

Friday: Wasn’t too big of a day, we just did missionary work a lot of the time. Actually did the most knocking that I’ve done in a while. Ya saben that we balled out at Friday night soccer.

Saturday: We went downtown and helped some dude that’s moving out. Throwback to when we moved this past summer. After that, we just did missionary work for the rest of the day. Just the typical.

Sunday: Yesterday, we had a really good ward council. We were able to talk about the people we are teaching, and coordinated a lot of good efforts. After church, we went and visited some members, then taught this homie named Draven who’s still in high school. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, and he seemed to really like it. So I’m pumped to see where that goes.

Calling Home: To be honest, I did not believe the news about being able to call home more often. I was honestly very excited and I loved being able to talk to my family this morning as I was getting ready for Preparation Day. I can definitely see the benefits and blessings that will come from this new policy. I can also see how this new policy may negatively impact some missionaries and families if not used exactly as outlined by our inspired leaders. I look forward to having my family more engaged with my missionary efforts.

Anyways, just the typical grind. I know I make my life sound boring but in reality it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done because it actually MATTERS. No me importa how many times we get rejected, it’s progressing the work forward. I love this all, it makes me so happy to hear about tons of my friends back home getting calls. Welp, that’s it for this week. I love you all, hope that y’all have a great week!

– Elder Saunders


1. Moving a cool Bolivian dude


2. Hermana Benton took my phone during device audits


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