Semana 27: No Facebook

Howdy y’all!

This week was a fun week. I’ll keep this email relatively short, just because there wasn’t too much going on.


We had zone conference. It was really great, and we are starting a Facebook fast for 40 days in order to improve our use of that great tool. Some other take-aways are that things are getting in full swing for the 10-hours of service a week. It’s a really cool initiative.
I felt really sick so we weren’t able to get out too much.
I felt really sick so we weren’t able to get out too much. We weekly planned and ate Chinese food.
We went and worked at the senior service center. It’s been super fun, we helped out with a Microsoft Excel class. I’ll take some pictures this next week.
We had tons of lessons, some of them fell through, so we knocked doors. I love Hispanics, they are so fun. They always have mops outside their houses, and also these small grills.
We got Ana to church finally after trying for 2 months. It was really nice to have her. Also, broke my fast with Ramen which was a highlight of the week.
Anyways, we get to go to the temple tomorrow so I’m pumped. Go to the temple this next week! Whether it’s baptisms or something else, go! There are so many blessings there.
Love y’all have a great week!
– Elder Saunders

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