Mo’ people to teach, mo’ baptisms

Howdy y’all!

Hope you’ve been able to have a swell week! This week has been a great one over here in H-Town! We have seen the Lord touch MANY hearts and the work is progressing like never before. Before I get into what happened this week, congrats to LAUREN RASBANDDD! She got her mission call to Paraguay Asuncion North this past week, and while we already know that SOUTH missions are the best (#THSM4Lyfe), she’s going to do sooo amazing! I’m so pumped. Even though there are tons of Hispanics from basically every Latin American country here in Houston, I’ve actually never met anyone from Paraguay! But anyways, esto fue lo que paso esta semana:

Monday- After P-Day ended, we went over to one of the people we are teaching’s place. She hasn’t come to church yet, so we went to go see what was up. Well, her husband who isn’t too fond of us was there, and tried to argue with us about his Pentecostal beliefs. You already KNOW your boy shut him down with one question: “Where did your authority come?” Anyways we actually really got on the same page, and we both ended up sharing our life stories with each other, as his wife and my companion just sat there listening. It actually turned out to be a pretty tender lesson, gracias a Dios.

Tuesday- I was able to go on exchanges with my boy Elder Underwood. He’s just in the south area of the Houston 2nd Ward. He came into the field with me and we both have been here in this ward for 4 transfers together. We were also companions for 2 weeks because of a weird situation. Anyways, it was basically like hanging out with a best friend. We went and did service at a Senior Center, then ate some gucci hamburgesitas at a member’s house.

Wednesday- shoot I just looked back at our schedule for Wednesday and we did literally one thing of note: went to a Relief Society Party!! Jajaja at least I didn’t have to wait for my mom to get done talking so we could finally go home #ThrowbackToTheDays sorry mom I love you.

Thursday- We did weekly Planning. Real talk (whenever I say Real talk, it means that I’m actually being serious), one thing that the Savior has really helped me with is my planning skills. A lot of the Elders that have come on exchanges have said that we have good weekly plans. I’m really grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to plan.

Friday- We taught a homeless, wheelchair-bound dude we are teaching in the Denny’s parking lot. I’ll probably talk about him in a later email, when he really starts progressing. But not much happened.

Saturday- I was feeling sick so we didn’t really get out other than at night to go teach this one lady named Mari.

Sunday- What a baller day. We had 3 of the people we are teaching randomly show up to church, then we got all 3 of them on date. And we also got that one lady back from Monday on date for baptism. The grind never stops, even on the Sabbath.

Anyways, just remember that the Lord is with you no matter how you are doing. It’s so amazing that he can always be with us every step up the way. Hold onto that. Love you all, have a great week!

– Elder Saunders
Some cool pics of some street art here
Friday night District Futbol!

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